What Is a Counterexample in Geometry? In logic (especially in its applications to mathematics and philosophy), a counterexample is an exception to a proposed general rule or law, and often appears as an example which disproves a universal statement. A counterexample, in geometry as in other areas of mathematics and logic, is an example that one uses to prove that a particular statement is false. A simple example from primary mathematics uses the statement "the inverse of a number is never an integer," and its counterexample would be 1/4. The inverse of 1/4 is 4, which is an integer.

Counterexamples For example, the statement "all students are lazy" is a universal statement which makes the claim that a certain property (laziness) holds for all students. Once you introduce the language of counterexamples, look for places to use it in the rest of your math discussions. You can also use Counterexamples to motivate a normal math question. Instead of saying “draw a triangle with the same area as this square,” you can say, “I claim there is no triangle with the same area as this square.”

What Is a Counterexample in Algebra? Sciencing Thus, any student who is not lazy (e.g., hard-working) would constitute a counterexample to that statement. In mathematics, a counterexample is used to disprove a statement. If you want to prove that a statement is true, you must write a proof to demonstrate that it is always true; giving an example is not sufficient. Compared to writing a proof, writing a counterexample is much simpler;

Mathwords Counterexample A counterexample hence is a specific instance of the falsity of a universal quantification (a "for all" statement). For example, the prime number 2 is a counterexample to the statement "All prime numbers are odd." this page updated 19-jul-17 Mathwords Terms and Formulas from Algebra I to Calculus

Counterexample - YouTube In mathematics, the term "counterexample" is also used (by a slight abuse) to refer to examples which illustrates the necessity of the full hypothesis of a theorem. Watch more videos on SUBSCRIBE FOR All OUR VIDEOS!

Counterexample - Varsity Tutors This is most often done by considering a case where a part of the hypothesis is not satisfied, and where it can be shown that the conclusion of the theorem does not hold. For a conditional if-then statement, a counterexample must be an instance which satisfies the hypothesis, but not the conclusion. Example 2 Provide a counterexample to show that the statement. If p q = x, then p = x q. is not true for all real numbers p, q, and x. Let p = 1, q = 0 and x = 0.

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