What are some nice wishes to write on a First Communion card. In those essays, I posited a Generic Christian church—something on the order of an Orthodox Catholic Anglican Protestant church—that is ecumenically broad enough to be in Communion with all contemporary mainline church organizations, yet historically deep enough to be true to our common Christian heritage: In other words, if time-traveling fourth-century Christians were to visit this church, they’d feel at home. Apr 24, 2018 If you also believe in Christ. This is a very special day for you and your family. They must be very proud that you worked so hard to prepare. Go with Christ! He loved you before you were born.

First Communion Wishes - HappyWishes In churches with infrequent Communion, it’s common for Communion services to be overly long, because it is a special occasion. First Communion Wishes - 1. May you always feel love and presence of the Lord as you receive Him in holy communion. Congratulations on your first communion. 2. May you always remember the importance of this day as you receiv

Congratulations on Communion Cards for Goddaughter from. There is the problem of making it too somber, as if it were a funeral for Jesus. First Holy Communion card addressed to a special goddaughter emphasizing on a sweet brown hair girl dressed in an elegant white gown with a delicate flower veil, pink buttons, and a pink belt. The background is blue with a white cross with light blue shading and white fancy text.

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